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FieldsOfTheNephilim live in cologne : 19.03.2016 : FIELDS never sounds better a#live with their actually roughness

Fields Of The Nephilim live in cologne  19.03.2016 : 

PROPHECY : the front of the official Tour-T-Shirt

... although yesterday was just my second Fields of the Nephilim concert ever, i could definitly tell you, that 

Fields of the Nephilim never sounds better a#live with their actually roughness, with their actuelly line up!

... probably my beloved #Psychonaut and #LastExitForTheLost never sounds more energetic, more powerfull and more gigantic and even filigree than by now with the actuelly line up! ...

 ... #DAWNRAZOR really was a razor cutting through the darkness, you could hardly feel the pain running through an Nephilim's vein ...

... even the light and filigree #ForHerLight sounds nearly a kind of brutal, but absolutly energetic, powerfull : simply gigantic ...

... Fields of the Nephilim are more a#live than ever before ...


so this is the official SETLIST of yesterday:
  • 24th Moment
  • Dawnrazor
  • Moonchild
  • For Her Light
  • Love Under Will
  • From The Fire
  • Zoon Pt 3
  • Psychonaut
  • Equinox [official title of Earthbound]
  • Prophecy

  • Last Exit For The Lost
  • Mourning Sun

What dreams may come (forthcoming records ...):

... like all the other Fields Of The Nephilim addicts i knew, that we have to wait 'til eternity after anything new will be published by Carl McCoy ...

... but unbelievably ...

... after 10 years and a lot of tears of us Nephilim addicts ... there are not only new signs of life, but indeed ...

... absoluty filigree and gigantic and divine new songs of the forthcoming record which will hopelly released zooner =) ...

  • Equinox [official title of Earthbound]
  • Prophecy

Prophecy : the forthcoming single

... there will be #PROPHECY the new single which hopefully will be released zoon ...

... here you can see the official video, which has just been release  three days ago:

... the other absoluty filigree, divine and gigantic new song of the forthcoming record which will hopelly released zooner is

Equinox know as #Earthbound until know

here you can listen to an earlier version of this divine new song:



... after my first FIELDS concert ever, just 2 1/2 years ago, ..

... i have dreamed of a re-recording of #MourningSun ...  indeed with the actuelly line up :) ...

... now i am dreaming of a re-recording of #ZOON, too :) ...

... well indeed i am dreaming of a live record of the actually tour, too =) ...

PROPHECY : the back of the official Tour-T-Shirt without tour dates ... only the girly T-Shirt got them on the back =(

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