Samstag, 27. Juni 2015

RED SUN REVIVAL : the revival of the good old handmade filigree Gothic Rock

Red Sun Revival Logo

The Revival of the good old handmade filigree Gothic Rock

... since  three-fourths year i am totally addicted to Red Sun Revival's divine filigree good old handmade Gothic Rock ... to their debut record "Running From The Dawn" and their 2nd record "Identities"...

... via a Gothic Rock Group on Facebook i got my first contact to Red Sun Revival, to their first video "My Child"... as you here can see an listen to:

... but i wasn't in the right mood, so i just posted, that this songs sounds great ... but after a few weeks i was in the right mood ...

... after watching their second video "Mistakes"... as you here can see an listen to:

... and after some references i visited the official webpage of Red Sun Revival ... hoping to find some songs i could completely listen to ... and under the heading Listen i find those songs who are guilty for my totally addiction to this divine filigree and absolutely catchy songs, which Red Sun Revival have shared via Soundcloud, and which were all taken from their debut record
  • Running From The Dawn
  • My Child
  • Last Chance
  • Lost For Words
.... i totally couldn't resist i had to listen to these divine songs again and again ... after i ordered my copy even more ...

... just after a few weeks i got my imported copy of Red Sun Revival debut record "Running From The Dawn" ...

Red Sun Revival debut record Running From The DawnRunning From The Dawn

  1. My Child
  2. Running From The Dawn
  3. Lost For Words
  4. Last Chance
  5. Wide Awake
  6. Miracles
  7. Without You
  8. Forgive Us Now
  9. Nothing To Hide

... in opposition to in former times i didn`t listen to new bought records on CD at once, but convert the songs with Soundjuicer into OGG-Vorbis-Musicfiles, thereby i am always able to listen to the complete record on my Multimedia-Player, my PCs, my Netbook, etc. ... 

... first of all i listen to Red Sun Revival complete debut record "Running From The Dawn" via my hi-fi system with my good Senheiser headphones just to strike the right sound at night ...

 ... and i was absolutely thoroughly positivly shocked by this absoutely divine breathtaking filigree guitar sound played by Matt Helm, the pulsating and driving force of Panos Theodoropoulos bass guitar, Christina Emery dreamfully violin and indeed of Rob Lydon powerfull intensively voice...

... well indeed i was totally absorded by this divine breathtaking catchy songs since the first listening ... therefore i listen to the record over and over again everywhere ...

... since my youth i am totally addicted to filigree handmade guitar sound such as from the highlight time of The Mission, and indeed my absolutely favorite band Fields of The Nephilim ... 

... therefore i am still searching for any new band, or first of all new Gothic Rock band with such filigree guitar sound ... more than two decades faded away ... and i really couldn't find such a band ... until i have listened to Red Sun Revival for the first time ...

... since more than 22 years Red Sun Revival to me is the first new group which create such an good old handmade sound with absolute filigree guitar sound =) ...

... listen to every song of Red Sun Revival and you can really hear that all the songs where handmade like in the good old Gothic Rock days, especially like in the highlight time of The Mission, Fields of the Nephilim in the 1990th ...

... and indeed ... all records, even all songs, of Red Sun Revival really sounds like mixed in the good old vinyl record time with clear and explicit sound of all instruments ... Thanx you very much indeed mates ...

... together with "Running From The Dawn" i have ordered their new (at that time) "Embers EP", too ...

Red Sun Revival Embers EP

Embers EP

  1. Mistakes (EP version)
  2. Broken
  3. Surrender
  4. Embers
...  well even if there are (IMHO) only two really breathtaking catchy songs on the EP : "Mistakes" and "Surrender", the two other songs "Broken" and "Embers" are really good ... but not as breathtaking catchy as "Mistakes" and "Surrender"... well indeed ... it is Red Sun Revivals "own fault" =) that we addicted are still waiting for "Embers" to really go off like the other songs on their debut record do =) ...

... well luckily Red Sun Revival created and recorded their 2nd record shortly after the time i "met" their divine breathtaking catchy sound for me ... therefore i have been waiting for any sign of life, any new song they will publish for a while ... 

... but indeed i was really in fear ... in fear of that the 2nd record would only as half as good as their debut record, or worse O_o ...  

... just a few weeks ago Red Sun Revival published the official preview of "Identities" via their Youtube page ... as you here can see an listen to:

... these soundbites are really to short for me ... therefore i hopefully searched at the homepage of their german label Echozone to find some longer soundbites ... and indeed the 90 second long soundbites are much better to get a real impression of the song to come ...

... well i know my music taste well enough, to know that i will fell in love and addiction to "Identities", too, after the first few piano tone of "Premonition" =) ...

Red Sun Revival 2nd record IDENTITIESIdentities
  1. Premonition
  2. Echoes
  3. Four Walls
  4. The Reckoning
  5. Fade in Time
  6. In Your Name
  7. Mistakes (Album Version)
  8. The Condemned Part I
  9. The Condemned Part II
  10.  Awekening

... and my fear was without any reason .. because ... "Identities" is as good as "Running From The Dawn"! ... 

... from the beginning to the end you will totally sucked into these intensive filigree catchy sound, ... more catchier than on their debut record ... yes indeed =) ...

... since last week, since Saturday the 20th of June i have got my bought copy of Red Sun Revivals 2nd record "Identities"! And since them i have got again an absolute Red Sun Revival phase: that is to say i am just listening only to "Identities" on my Multimedia-Player, my PCs, my Netbook, etc. ! =)


... since  three-fourths year i am totally addicted to Red Sun Revival's divine filigree good old handmade Gothic Rock ... to their debut record "Running From The Dawn" and their 2nd record "Identities" a will be ....

... Red Sun Revival are now one of my absolutely favorite Gothic Rock bands! ...

... as we speak of High Fantasy which should speak of High Gothic Rock, as e.g. Red Sun Revival ...

Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

Geschichten aus dem HELLBOY Universum IV

Gestern habe ich mir endlich den Cross-Cult HELLBOY-Sonderband "Geschichten aus dem HELLBOY-Universum IV" gegönnt und am Abend direkt das erste Mal verschlungen =)
Ja endlich, denn bereits für Mitte April hatte Cross-Cult, den vierten Band angekündigt, dessen Erscheinen sich dann leider doch bis Ende des Monats April verzögerte. Das Warten war eine harte Geduldsprobe für mich, aber ich wußte ja, dass sich das Warten wieder mehr als lohnen würde und dass sich dadurch nur meine Vorfreude vergrößern würde =)

Die drei bisher erschienen Sonderbände der "Geschichten aus dem HELLBOY-Universum habe ich mir ebenfalls gönnen können und alle sofort an dem Abend verschlungen, an dem sie mein Eigen waren =)

Der vierte Sonderband ist auch wieder großartig geworden, und ich habe ihn ebenso verschlungen wie alle bisher von Cross Cult veröffentlichten HELLBOY Comix (bisher 13) und auch B.U.A.P. Comix (bisher 10) im Sammelband im Hardcover!

Ich muss zwar auch beim vierten Sonderband wieder einige unerwartete heftige Entwicklungen verkraften, aber genau diese Entwicklungen sind es ja, warum ich seit Jahren ein großer Fan der HELLBOY Filme, inklusive HELLBOY Animated, und vor Allem mittlerweile der HELLBOY Comix und auch B.U.A.P. Comix bin =) 

Wobei ich mich aber auch Frage, ob es jetzt keinen eigenen B.U.A.P. Sammelband im Hardcover mehr geben wird, weil es regelmäßig gute B.U.A.P. Geschichten in der HELLBOY Sonderbänden gibt? Mal abwarten!

Auf jeden Fall hoffe ich sehr, dass es im nächsten Jahr einen weiteren, dann fünften Sonderband der Geschichten auf dem HELLBOY-Universum geben wird, wie es vor einiger Zeit von Cross-Cult angekündigt worden ist =)

Außerdem hoffe ich noch auf eine baldige Veröffentlichung (
in diesem Jahr wäre grandios) des vierzehnten HELLBOY Band im Hardcover =)

Ebenso verschlungen wie Alles vom HELLBOY Universum habe ich den Baltimore Roman von Mike Mignola
Mittlerweile gibt es ja glücklicherweise auch einige Baltimore Comix, so dass daraus locker einige Sammelbände im Hardcover werden könnten! Mitte Juni soll endlich der erste Sonderband im Hardcover von Baltimore von Cross Cult erscheinen. Ich hoffe sehr, dass diesem noch einige weitere Baltimore Sonderbände im Hardcover folgen werden! =)

Da sich mein Wunsch mit den Baltimore Comix von Mike Mignola  ja Cross-Cult sei Dank mittlerweile schon angefangen hat zu erfüllen, wünsche ich mir jetzt sehr, dass Cross-Cult sich ebenfalls an die Veröffentlichung der WITCHFINDER Comix im Hardcover machen wird, selbst wenn dass dann nur ein dünner(er) Sonderband werden würde =)

Montag, 27. April 2015

Upgrade von Debian GNU/Linux 7.8 Wheezy auf 8.0 Jessie auf meinem Dell Inspiron Mini 10v

Debian GNU/Linux Loggin-Screen
Ein Tag nachdem Debian GNU/ Linux 8.0 Jessie in der sog. stable Version veröffentlicht wurde, habe ich meinem Dell Inspiron Mini 10v ein Upgrade von Debian GNU/Linux 7.8 Wheezy auf Debian GNU/Linux 8.0 Jessie gegönnt =)

Insgesamt nutze ich Debian GNU/Linux erst seit 2007, seitdem ich Debian GNU/Linux 4.0. Etch auf meinem peezeeh installiert habe. Seit 2011 habe ich endlich auch auf meinem Netbook Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze installiert (mehr...)

Ich werde auch nur noch Debian GNU/Linux auf meinen zukünftigen Peezeehs und ggf. zukünftigen Laptops installieren!

Ich bin ich nach wie vor begeistert darüber, wie unkompliziert, ja leicht das Upgrade geht! Das mit den (Programm-)Paketen ist einfach eine absolut geniale Lösung  =)

Was bei Debian GNU/Linux 8.0 Jessie neu ist kann man hier nachlesen mehr...

Solange es Debian GNU/Linux geben wird, werde ich bei Debian GNU/Linux bleiben. =)